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Before the computer became a common issue for most people, one of my great hobbys was working with all kinds of electronic equipment like TV's, radio's, taperecorders, etc. These equipment still have my attention and if one of my apparatus is defect, I won't let that happen without an attempt to fix it myself (If the warranty is over).
I do this with all my equipment (In the past I even repaired my own cars).

Due to the lack of time to practice all my hobby's, I have a lot of electronical parts that I won't use anymore. I have for instance a lot of used tubes (for TV's and radio's) in my posession. Maybe I can do other people a pleasure with these parts.

If anyone is looking for old tubes, check the table at the bottom of this page and sent me a mail (click here for my e-mail) with the code of the tube (or tubes) you are interrested in.

tubetype qty. tubetype qty. tubetype qty. tubetype qty. tubetype qty. tubetype qty.
1805 1 ECH81 4 EL95 1 PCF86 1 PFL200 1 PM84 1
1823 1 ECH83 1 EZ80 1 PCF200 3 PL36 3 PY81 2
1S5 1 ECH84 2 GY501 1 PCF802 3 PL81 2 PY82 6
1T4 1 ECL80 6 PABC80 3 PCH200 1 PL82 3 PY88 5
3S4 1 EF80 29 PC86 1 PCL82 5 PL83 3 PY500A 1
6K7G 1 EF85 1 PC88 2 PCL84 3 PL84 3 UCF80 1
6V6G 1 EF183 1 PCC84 3 PCL85 2 PL500 1 UCH21 2
DY86 2 EF184 4 PCC88 2 PCL805 1 PL508 1 UY85 4
DY87 7 EF185 1 PCF80 24 PD510 1 PL519 1
ECC82 1 EL84 1 PCF82 3 PF86 2 PL802 1

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