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Besides relatively inactive hobbys, I also have an active hobby, namely tennis. On the right side you can see a moment in a men's double (summer competition 2005). This lob is not well performed, but the lob is one of my strong weapons on the tenniscourt. Even this bad lob was too hard to return.

I play tennis at the club "De Delftse Hout" (DDH), where I also play competition on saturday in the fourth class.
June 2008 we went with some "Delftse Houters" to Wimbledon to experience a day of professional tennis. With the ship of one of us we crossed the Northsee and proceeded upstream the Thames to Chiswick. To give you an impression of what we have seen, I made a "dia"presentation with photo's and films. You can see this presentation (more than 60 MB with music) by clicking on the link "diashow" with your left mouse button.
Let me know your comments in my guestbook.

Photo/filmpresentation 'Londen/Wimbledon'

For more information the tennisclub "De Delftse Hout" you can look at the following links:

Peter in action on 'tennispark De Delftse Hout'

Peter in action on 'tennispark Welgelegen'