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My other website 'www.peterboers.eu' is totaly dedicated to Nature Photography and is more up-to-date.

Presentation Alaska Presentation Wimbledon Photopresentation USA 2012 Photoshow USA 2012
The most important part of this site is (wildlife & nature) photography. During my holidays in the USA (march 2012) I made a lot of pictures. You can see a couple of them by clicking on the button (link) 'Photo's USA'. For a photoshow that you can play automatic or by hand, click on the button (link) 'Photoshow USA'.
The site is bilangual (English and Dutch). By clicking on the 'flag' you can choose for the other language. Of all the thousants of slides I made during my holidays, I made a selection and put it on my website. Most exposures are made during my holidays to USA (with Alaska as a topic) and Canada in 1978, 1987, 1988, 1990 and 1996.
I visited many parks like: Yellowstone, Rocky Mountains NP, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite, Death Valley, Zion, Mount Rushmore, Banff NP, Glacier NP, Wrangell-Saint Elias NP, Kluane NP, Kootenay NP, Wood Buffalo NP, Waterton Lakes, Denali (Mt. McKinley NP) and many more. I made pictures of black and grizzly bears, bison, moose, caribou, elk and other mammals, like the marmot, squirrel, big horn sheep and mountain goat. Besides mammals I made a lot of pictures of all kind of birds, reptiles, like the rattlesnake, insects, like caterpillar, butterfly and locust, as well as all kinds of flowers and plants. Pictures of landscapes and other subjects concerning nature completes the selection.

Other hobby's like travelling, photo equipment (for nature photography), tennis, electronics, computers and Country & Western music are also part of this site. Because I have no time in the near future to fill in the Country & Westernmusic part, I replaced this button now for my guestbook. Feel free to visit my guestbook en give your remarks.

Those who like to see a slide presentation, can enjoy a diashow (in less than 3 minutes) of about 50 slides (most of them made in Alaska), combined with music of John Denver (one of my favourite singers). This (wmv)-file is more than 9 MB and gives a good view of my slides and the possibilities to present them. Click on the left button 'diashow' to see the presentation (it is most enjoyable to play it in full screen).

Together with some tennismates I visited Wimbledon (London) for a week by boat in 2008. With the photo's and films (also of some tennismatches) I made there, I created a photo/filmpresentation. You can see this presentation by clicking on the right button (link) 'diashow'.

I am very anxious to hear from you if you have enjoyed the presentation. You can give your remarks in my guestbook.

If you choose 'Nature' you can already see more than 130 slides/photos. If you want to receive a free copy of an exposure via e-mail, you can mail me the number you want as well as the format and the extension (Click here for my E-mail).
The site will be filled with new information on a regular base. Look at this page to check if new things were added.
You can do this by checking the date at the bottom of this page which indicate the date of the last additions or changes.

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Last changes: August 18th 2019