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Canon A1 (1982) Canon T90 (1987) Canon EOS 5D Mark II (2011)

During my holidays (till 2011) I always took my two analog cameras with me. Especially on my big trips, I took a lot of pictures (slides), sometimes more than 2500 pieces (with a top of 2800). As a result of that phenomenon I have a vast collection of nature pictures. You can see some examples of these slides (there are a lot more to come) under the item "Nature".

Slideshow Alaska Photo/filmshow Wimbledon Photoshow USA 2012
Made with scanned slides.
The slides are made with
Canon A1 and Canon T90.
Photo's and films are made
with Canon Powershot A700.
Photo's are made with
Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Those who like to see a slide presentation, can enjoy a diashow (in less than 3 minutes) of 50 slides (most of them made in Alaska), combined with music of John Denver (one of my favourite singers). This (wmv)-file is more than 9 MB and gives a good view of my slides and the possibilities to present them. (it is most enjoyable to play it in full screen). Click on the left button to see this presentation.
During a trip to Wimbledon with a patrolship of one of my tennismates I made a lot of photos and films. I have made a more than 60 MB compilation of them (click on the right diashow button to see it).
I am very anxious to hear from you if you have enjoyed the presentation. You can give your remarks in my guestbook.

When I was in the USA (march 2012) I took for the first time photo's with my newest camera (EOS 5D). You can see a Photoshow by clicking on the banner 'Photoshow USA'. I hope you will enjoy the pictures I have taken.

Most of my slides are made during my trips to Canada and the United States of America (in 1978, 1987, 1988, 1990 and 1996).
I also made pictures during my trips to Tanzania (1983/84), United Kingdom (especially Scotland), Switzerland, Italy, Austria, etc., etc.

The camera I started with was a Fujica ST801. With this camera I made the pictures in 1978 (USA and Canada) and in Tanzania (1983/84).
When I was in Tanzania I also used my just bought Canon A1. On my way home from Tanzania somebody stole my Fujica ST801 from my luggage. In the same bag where my camera was in, there was also a zoomlens (much more expensive), which they overlooked. In 1987 I bought a new camera (Canon T90). Together with my Canon A1, I make all my pictures till 2011.

The lenses that I have used are:
  • Canon Standardlens 50 mm (1.4)
  • Canon zoomlens 28-55 mm (3.5-4.5)
  • Canon zoomlens 50-135 mm (3.5)
  • Canon zoomlens 100-300 mm (5.6)
  • Vivitar Macro focussing teleconverter (2x)
An important part of my equipment is my tripod. Everyone who wants to make good (read: sharp) images needs this important part. In some situations using a tripod is not realistic (if you must react very quickly), but in most cases I advise every photographer to use this helpful device.

At the end of 2010, I ordered a full frame digital camera (Canon EOS 5D mark II), with a zoomlens (28-300 mm). The specifications were almost as good as the EOS 1Ds mark II (my favorite), but the price was incredibly lower. So in the future I will come up with pictures I make with this camera.

I am still considering to buy a good photo(slide)scanner. Till now I scan my slides with a flatbedscanner with the option to scan films and slides. The quality of these scans are reasonable, but not high. Most of my slides are Kodachrome and it seems that not all the scanners can cope with that. If someone have any experience with photo(slide)scanners, I like to hear from you. Mail me!.