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On this page I will give a survey of the computers that I have.
The most recent computer is a Medion MD 8008 with a 2.6 GHz Pentium 4 processor, 512 internal memory, a 120 GB harddisc, a DVD ROM player and a DVD rewriter (-R, -RW). It is also equipped with a cardreader for 6 different cardtypes. The operating system is Windows XP Home Edition. Attached to this PC is a 19 inch monitor.
Besides this computer I also have made a network with some old computers.
Most of them are 486's (Prolinea's from Compaq), varying from 33 to 100 MHz, a 486 (also Compaq Prolinea) with a Pentium overdrive (83 MHz), all with the Windows 95 operating system, and a Compaq deskpro with a Pentium I (200 MHz), working with Windows 98. The deskpro has a DVD player and a CD Rewriter.
The network system consists of coaxcable. The great advantage of this solution is, that the computers are easily linked to each other.

Still in the planning is the setup of a router with a firewall, with the operating system Linux. The main purpose is to go on the internet with all the computers in the network. I also want to provide some computers with the operating system Linux because to my opinion Linux is the operating system of the future and I want to get familiair with it.