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Especially during my holidays I make a lot of pictures (slides). The result of this phenomenon is a vast collection of slides (a trip results in 2500-2800 slides, of which (after selection) 700-800 pieces remain. You'll find some examples under the subject 'Nature'. On this page I will show you more things about travelling itself.

Most pictures are made during my holidays to Canada and the United States of America in 1978, 1987, 1988, 1990 and 1996. I also went on safari in Tanzania and I tried to climb the Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa, almost 6000 meter). I only reached the 3500 meter, because I get in trouble with the heigth (heigth illness). Nevertheless I would not miss the experience and soon there will be slides of this trip too on this site.
March 2012 I went to the USA for the sixth time. This time I made pictures with a digital camera (Canon EOS 5D).
If you want to see some pictures, go to this page: Photo's USA 2012
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Enjoying morning sun after a good nights rest in a blockhut
(Canada, 1990)

Passing the border of the Nordwest Territories
(Canada, 1990)

Passing the '60th parallel' in Nordwest Territories
(Canada, 1990)

Passing the arctic circle in Yukon
(Canada, 1990)

Prove of passing the north pole circle at june 7th 1990
(Canada, 1990)

Visiting the Northpole Chamber of Commerce
(Canada, 1990)

Hiking in Switzerland in juni
(Zwitserland, 1999)

Wintersports in Switzerland in december
(Zwitserland, 2003)

Sailing at the 'Reeuwijkse plassen'
(Reeuwijk, 2003)